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For Children

          A children's Christmas audio book

Young Adult              Horror & Dark Fantasy


Literary works

Ahi Kā, a short collaborative piece by Eileen Mueller & A.J. Ponder, came first equal in the 2013 New Zealand Society of Authors Northwrite Collaboration Contest. It’s published online on their website. Scroll past the judges’ comments to Ahi Kā! Enjoy it!


Coming Soon

More Dragons Realm books are coming – this time, for young adults. Ezaara – Rider of Fire, my fantasy novel won the SpecFicNZ  (Speculative Fiction NZ) Going  Global competition in 2013.  Set in Dragons Realm, I have three books in the Riders of Fire series, due out in late 2016. Subscribe to my readers’ newsletter, and be the first to know! Go on, just click here!

More You Say Which Way interactive novels are coming your way. I’m currently working on Mystic Portal, a cool mountain bike adventure, which catapults you to other worlds. I also have  plans for Mystic Portal 2. The books will be published by The Fairytale Factory in 2016.

Black Belt Bailey, my middle grade martial arts novel, is now complete. Stay tuned for kick-butt kids! (Another wee nudge to sign up to my readers’ list.)

My young adult paranormal romance is also finished. Did I mention that when you sign up as my reader, you’ll get free stuff and be in the know about my books? Go on, click here, and I’ll email you when I have cool free stuff for you, or new books out.

Until then, happy reading, and I’ll Write On!