Dragon Rift – Eligible for nomination for Sir Julius Vogel Awards

It’s awards time of year again. Well, not now – the awards come later, but now is the time for nominations! This year’s Sir Julius Vogel awards will be presented as part of WorldCon 2020, ConZealand. Wow. It would be an honor to have one of my books on the shortlist.

However, books need multiple nominations! Here’s where you come in. I’d love you to share your enthusiasm for my series and for one book in particular! Read on…

Sir Julius Vogel Awards

Anyone in the world can nominate New Zealand sci-fi /fantasy/horror books or films for Sir Julius Vogel Awards. I’ve been lucky enough to win best Best Youth Novel and Best New Talent in the past. I’d love it if you could nominate Dragon Rift, by filling in this form.

If you haven’t read Dragon Rift yet and would like to nominate the book, please contact me for a gifted copy or you can read it on Kindle unlimited or purchase from Amazon. Although Dragon Rift is book 3 in my Riders of Fire young adult epic fantasy series, readers can still understand the series when starting with this book. Dragon Rift was an Amazon best-seller in launch month, so many of my fans have devoured this book, and the next…

Dragon Strike is is also eligible, however, I’ve found that it’s best to focus on one book for awards, so fans don’t split votes in the final rounds. Because Dragon Strike ends on a cliffhanger, Dragon Rift is probably the best book for those who read the nominated books in order to vote, but don’t know the whole series.

SJV award NZ SFFANZ awards
Sir Julius Vogel Award

Sir Julius Vogel nomination info:

Title: Dragon Rift, Riders of Fire book 3

Author: Eileen Mueller

Category: Best Youth Novel

Publisher: Phantom Feather Press

Published: April 2019



Thanks for nominating Dragon Rift via this SJV Nomination form. I appreciate your support very much. It’s wonderful to have so many fabulous readers across the world. You can’t imagine how much your support means to me.

Final voting will be at ConZealand in July-August 2020 by members of SFFANZ.

6 Replies to “Dragon Rift – Eligible for nomination for Sir Julius Vogel Awards”

  1. Totally addicted to this book series. Great characters, action scenes well written. Eileen has written a superb set of books 10/10 .

    1. Thanks Brian.
      It’s so lovely of you to leave a comment. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. It’s always wonderful to hear from my readers.

      The series continues: Dragon War will be in your hands soon! Less than 2 weeks to go! There’s an explosive conclusion to Ezaara’s story coming, with pressure on the realm as our valiant Riders of Fire battle to stem the tide of shadow dragons and cloned mages.

      I hope you enjoy it just as much. My betas tell me that it made them laugh and cry!
      Thanks for stopping by. I’ll catch you soon.

    1. Hi Lorene,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I meant to answer sooner, but was swept up in creating Dragon War, the next exciting adventure!
      I really enjoy writing Riders of Fire and having fun dangerous adventures with cool characters like Roberto, Kierion, Ezaara, Adelina, Fenni, Gret and Lovina. Ithsar’s story is coming up next, and then we’ll have more from Marlies, Hans, Giddi and maybe even Tonio.
      Come along for the dragon ride! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series. 🙂

    1. Thank you Richard. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. There are more books coming! I love creating adventures for you to enjoy, so thanks for your support. Enthusiastic adventurers to come along on the dragon rides make every hour of writing worthwhile!

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