Sir Julius Vogel Award hits News

Our recently-awarded Sir Julius Vogel Award has hit the local news. It took a while to appear in this newspaper, and a while longer for me to post this here, but I’ve had a great excuse! I’ve been busy finishing a kids’ manuscript to get it to a publisher. I’m a few weeks off deadline, so hopefully I’ll have more good news soon!

Lost in the Museum won Best Collection in the Sir Julius Vogel Awards this year.

I believe that readers recognized the value in this unique collection because the stories are interwoven with common characters and threads and take place in a unique setting – New Zealand’s national museum – Te Papa.  There is something for everyone in this young adult anthology: short sharp action stories, strange and weird realities, ghosts, lost children, time travel, an earthquake and even a definite touch of romance.

As sub-editor on this project, I was thrilled! Winning the Sir Julius Vogel Award is great recognition for all the authors, artists and the editors, Alicia Ponder and Lorraine Williams.

You can take a peek at Lost in the Museum online and see what you think.


You can view the article here. Thank you to Sam Duff, one of our local reporters, for championing this article.