Winner – Two Sir Julius Vogel Awards

Over Easter weekend I attended the Sir Julius Vogel Awards at Reconnaissance, the New Zealand National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. I was lucky enough to have some work shortlisted in these awards, and was very happy to collect two Sir Julius Vogel awards for a project in which I was a sub-editor.

  • Lost in the Museum by Phoenix Writers was awarded a Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Collected Work.
  • Geoff Popham, our cover artist for Lost in the Museum, won a Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Professional Artwork.
A.J. Ponder, Eileen Mueller and Geoff Popham
Lost in the Museum SJV awards: A.J. Ponder (editor), Eileen Mueller (sub-editor) and Geoff Popham (artist) with Sir Julius Vogel looking on.

It was an honour to collect these awards on behalf of Geoff and Phoenix Writers. Many people were behind this fabulous anthology, which is a collection stories based in Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum. I’d like to thank:

  • Geoff, for his fabulous cover art!
  • Alicia Ponder and Lorraine Williams for doing a sterling job of editing the anthology, for accepting two of my short stories, and inviting me to assist them in sub-editing.
  • Phoenix Writers , a special interest group of Phoenix Science Fiction Society.
  • Phillip Mann, Honourary Literary Fellow, New Zealand Society of Authors and patron of the Phoenix Writers. His support has been unflagging.
  • The authors: Phillip Mann, Tim Jones, Lyn McConchie, Glynne MacLean, Tracie MacBride, Rob Campbell, Lillian Hetet, Jenny Hammond, John Holmes, Jeena Murphy, A.J. Ponder, Vic Scott, Jean Stevens, Lorraine Williams (and me.)
  • Wellington City Council for their financial support and enthusiasm.
  • Te Papa Tongarewa for their support.

I am proud of this young adult anthology, and hope you enjoy it. Lost in the Museum is available on Amazon.

A full list of award winners is available here, and includes five awards to Wellingtonians. Here we all are, with Sir Julius Vogel behind us, at Parliament.

L-R: Paul Mannering (Best Novel – Engines of Empathy), Lee Murray (Best Short Story – Inside Ferndale), Alicia Ponder (editor) & Eileen Mueller (sub-editor) (Best Collection – Lost in the Museum), Geoff Popham (Best Professional Art – Lost in the Museum), and Celine Murray (Best Novella – Peach & Araxi).