Self Publishing Formula – Spotlight 41

Self Publishing Formula – Spotlight 41 -Eileen Mueller

I’m absolutely thrilled to let you know that I featured on Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula podcast! Yes, Mark Dawson interviews big-name, famous authors each week who are raking in 6-figures or millions, so he invited me onto the show!

No wait! Not that show. It’s true, he and the charming James Blatch do interview truly famous authors, but did you know they also get Tom Ashford to interview up-and-coming authors on their Spotlight podcast? Yeah, that’s me! Steadily stretching my dragon wings to find awesome new readers! Hopefully, those millions will come one day!

Today we discuss dragons (ahem), why I write fantasy, mistakes I’ve made, dragons under the bed, how I plot and dictate, bullies, the fabulous support I’ve had on my journey and yes, kids, bloodstains and (ahem again) more dragons!

Feel free to listen! It’s short and sweet. Spot the British train in the background, and see if you can understand my kiwi accent among the ambient effects the of the long-distance connection.

Thank you to James Blatch for inviting me onto the show and to Tom Ashford for being such a lovely host, and to Mark Dawson for all the amazing resources he provides. Self Publishing Formula is a wonderful organization that helps many indie authors make their mark on the world (pun intended). Click the image below to take you to the show!