Riders of Fire Collector’s Edition Omnibus 4-6 on Kickstarter

A Complete Series in 2 Great Collector’s Edition Omnibuses!

I’m launching a new Kickstarter campaign to fund the second collector’s edition omnibus in the Riders of Fire series, books 4-6 β€” which will give you a complete series of dragon-packed, adrenaline-fueled romantic epic adventures in 2 stunning collector’s edition volumes!

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See a video of the Riders of Fire Collector’s Edition Omnibus of books 1-3 here, in the flesh!!!

If you haven’t pre-ordered the first deluxe omnibus (books 1-3) yet, it will also be available through thisΒ  new campaign or in the Late Backer Store on PledgeBox! Thank you for bringing these beautiful editions to life!

If you love dragon fantasy and books like Eragon, Fourth Wing and Dragonriders of Pern, try Riders of Fire. Available in collector's edition faux leather with gold foil and gilt edges.

Meet snarky, cheeky and regal dragons, fly with heroes and heroines, and battle cunning enemies and the fierce monsters rampaging across the realm.

πŸ‰πŸ”₯🐲  Fall in love on dragonback! ❀️❀️❀️

πŸ‰πŸ”₯🐲  Discover a lifelong bond with your new fire-breathing companion! πŸ”₯

What are you waiting for?

πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ²Saddle your dragon and join the wild ride!

Deluxe Features:

When we fund this project, you’ll receive a top-quality, faux leather, gold-foiled, gilt-edged illustrated omnibus of Riders of Fire books 4-6 with a hoard of deluxe features!

 If you love dragon fantasy and books like Eragon, Fourth Wing and Dragonriders of Pern, try Riders of Fire. Available in collector's edition omnibuses with faux leather with gold foil and gilt edges. Riders of Fire Collector's Edition omnibus

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Deluxe Edition News

Today, I’m showing you something exciting!

I’m bringing you the latest news about our deluxe collector’s edition Kickstarter for the omnibus edition of Riders of Fire 1-3, in person!!

Great Progress on the Riders of Fire Omnibus 1-3 Deluxe Edition!

We were in the approval stage of the proofs for the special edition omnibus for a while. Merrick Books and I went back and forth a few times on the digital proof with the printer, tweaking tiny formatting issues each time to make sure the omnibus would be exactly right. Sometimes there were delays due to holidays in all 3 countries (me in New Zealand, the project manager in the USA and the printer!). And yes, that had me pacing the floor, trying not to stumble over the dragonets that got underfoot as I wore holes in my carpet!

Now, we’ve finalized everything!Β I

signed off on the digital proof!

And then…

Surprise! I was Blindsided!

I was about to sit back and relax (not that I ever do that for long!) when there was a knock at my door! The dragon courier brought me a book more beautiful than I ever imagined! Take a peek…

Note: This is a blank version of the final book for me to approve the craftsmanship. I examined the the quality of the binding, cover, colored tip-in sheets, ribbon bookmark, foiled cover and gilded edges!Β 

I’m thrilled with how the deluxe omnibus feels, smells and looks!

Wait! There’s more!!

There was another knock a few days later, and another exciting parcel arrived!! In a few days, I’ll let you know what was inside, and what work I had to do to complete the next part of the project! Yes, there’s another video coming!

What’s next?

The printer has our book in the queue, and we’re currently awaiting a printing date. Once the books are printed and ready, the printer will ship the deluxe omnibuses to Merrick Books’ distribution center. Merrick Books will then send them via dragon courier to you!

We’re still a few steps away from a firm delivery date, but I’ll keep you posted as we go!

Now that the book has been approved and is in the print queue, we’re preparing the Riders of Fire deluxe omnibus, books 4-6.

There are six books in the Riders of Fire series, so it will be complete in two stunning omnibuses!

I’ve learnt a lot during this project. I’m determined to turn the next project around faster by formatting the next deluxe omnibus in advance and having our dragonets all lined up in a row, ready to fly!

Follow the next project here to be the first to hear when the Riders of Fire deluxe omnibus 4-6 goes live so you can complete your deluxe series!

Hop on your dragon and head over to my new Kickstarter project! It’s not live yet, and won’t be until your books ship, but if you follow it now, it will help boost Riders of Fire to new heights, and you’ll be the first to be kept in the loop!