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  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to know if you are going to expand on Ezaara’s littlings or on Roberto’s childhood (just some ideas). I love your books and really enjoy the storyline. I am yet to read your prequels as I only just found out about those books and ill make sure to do so. You have left some strands hanging in regards to Ezaara’s daughter, Zyra and her dragon at the end of Dragon War.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for commenting.

      I originally intended writing the prequels, Riders of Fire Dragon Masters, until the point where Marlies and Hans flee Dragons’ Hold to hide out in Lush Valley, 18 years before Riders of Fire, i.e. 18 years before Ezaara sets out on her adventures and her family is thrown into turmoil in the books: Ezaara, Dragon Hero, Dragon Rift, Dragon Strike, Dragon War and Sea Dragon.

      However, as the prequels have taken shape, I’ve realized that everyone will want to know what happens in between those the two series. So, the Riders of Fire Dragon Masters series has grown into nine planned books. The last two books planned in the series, Dragon Rider and Dragon Master, cover the eighteen years in between Hans and Marlies leaving and Ezaara meeting Zaarusha in the scared clearing.

      The updated list of prequels in the Riders of Fire Dragon Masters series is in this blog post

      Roberto’s childhood will be encapsulated in Dragon Master, book nine! Given his history, this story may get little gritty, but my readers have begged for Roberto’s story, so it’s on the list.

      I hope you enjoy the prequels!

  2. For the sake of honesty, let me say that I have unfortunately never heard of your work until I heard your interview on the Self-Publishing Spotlight today. However, I’m an aspiring writer working on my first series. I’ve spent the last year or so “plotting my plotting.” That is, I’ve done very little work on my actual novel but have worked hard on creating a system to help me plot based on several craft books.

    The result is a series of spreadsheets in Excel that I’ve been using to refine and revise my ideas into an outline, full story synopsis, and scene list that I plan on turning into my first draft.

    I’ve had doubts about this system thinking “who writes a book in Excel??” AND THEN I heard your interview and listened to you say you use Excel for plotting. It ignited something inside, a new inspiration, to keep working on my own idea.

    Thanks for the inspiration and I now plan on diving into your books myself!

    I’m glad I discovered you today.

    1. Hi Jeff,
      I’m so pleased to hear that you’re enjoying plotting in excel! I haven’t met many people that do that. I’ve loved excel for years and use it for any projects. There’s something satisfying about seeing all of your characters’ journeys laid out in multicolored neat little boxes.
      Of course, sometimes those characters don’t stay in their neat little boxes. I have some that leap off the pages, riding dragons into battle!

      It’s great to meet other authors using similar techniques. It’s quite gratifying knowing you’re not the only one trying something out, so yes, I get that!
      No matter how others write, whatever works for you is your best process. We’re all unique and find our own way up the mountain.
      Good luck with your books, and I hope you enjoy mine.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your kind offer of reviewing my audio books.
      I’ve added you to my Audible reviewers list and will be checking what codes I have left when I return from the USA in a week. Hopefully I can send you a code soon.


  3. Hi Eileen, What happened to book 4, Dragon Strike? I can’t find it anywhere. I hope you can find it for me. I’m not a young reader, I’m just in my second childhood. (86). Haha.
    I really like dragons and am sure enjoying your stories. Thank you for your help and wonderful stories!😊🐲

  4. I absolutely LOVED book 1 in your Ezaara series. I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about it, so I left a review on Good Reads. Thank you for writing this amazing fantasy, I never want it to end lol you’re an amazing author.

  5. Signed up for ur writing class and resources before Christmas and haven’t heard from u could u please let me know what’s going on thnks

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