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    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your kind offer of reviewing my audio books.
      I’ve added you to my Audible reviewers list and will be checking what codes I have left when I return from the USA in a week. Hopefully I can send you a code soon.


  1. Hi Eileen, What happened to book 4, Dragon Strike? I can’t find it anywhere. I hope you can find it for me. I’m not a young reader, I’m just in my second childhood. (86). Haha.
    I really like dragons and am sure enjoying your stories. Thank you for your help and wonderful stories!šŸ˜ŠšŸ²

  2. I absolutely LOVED book 1 in your Ezaara series. I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about it, so I left a review on Good Reads. Thank you for writing this amazing fantasy, I never want it to end lol you’re an amazing author.

  3. Signed up for ur writing class and resources before Christmas and haven’t heard from u could u please let me know what’s going on thnks

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