Storylines: Joy Cowley, Celia Wade-Brown, & Scholastic Books Out Aloud

The Mayor and Joy

4,000 visitors flooded to Storylines Free Family Day in Wellington last month. The family-friendly event focusing on NZ kids’ literature was opened by Her Worship Mayor Wade-Brown and Dame Joy Cowley – both known lovingly by Wellingtonians as Celia and Joy.

While preparing to cut the ceremonial ribbons, Joy heard one child asking whether Celia was the Queen. It was certainly a moment of pomp and ceremony!

Mayor Celia wade-Browna nd author Joy Cowley open Storylines Family Day
Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and author Joy Cowley open Storylines Family Day (Photo: Luise Charlton.)

Scholastic Books Out Aloud

Once the ribbons were cut, Joy and Celia headed up to the Scholastic Books Out Aloud area to enjoy Celia’s rendition of Joy’s book, The Fierce Little Woman and the Wicked Pirate.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown reads with Joy Cowley
Mayor Celia Wade-Brown reads with Joy Cowley (Photo: Luise Charlton)

After reading, Joy signed books for hundreds of her fans, young and old – who queued at The Children’s Bookshop stand to have a chat with her about her work.  If you’re a fan of Joy Cowley’s work, you may want to check out this link to an exciting new anthology including one of her stories.

LCP_Wright Family_86cropped
The Wright family enjoy Scholastic NZ’s Clifford. (photo Luise Charlton)

Scholastic NZ Ltd made the day with Clifford the Big Red Dog, who, although not a kiwi icon, was loved by children of all ages. The teenagers who volunteered to bring Clifford to life said they had the best job of the day. There’s already a queue to audition for the role of Clifford next year!

Clifford supports volunteers
Kids love hugging Clifford.






Storylines Free Family Day in Wellington included many exciting events in the Monster Fun Zone, Antarctica Zone, Bugs ‘N Bees Zone, and War Zone, as well as interactive activities with authors, illustrators and storytellers. We’ll feature more posts about Storylines Family Day soon, so stay tuned.

That link for the anthology featuring Joy Cowley is here.

For now, goodbye from me, and from Clifford!