Harness Your Writing Potential

Do you harness your writing potential?

Or are you like many writers, doing what comes easy to you, without learning how to master the difficult tasks?

Harness your writing potential with a Writing Course and bonus prizes!

HTTS-leftbrainWriting a book utilizes many different skills, some from the right hemisphere of your brain and some from the left. Some writers are brilliant at planning their scenes, plotting their stories and editing – all left-brained activities – but may find it hard to find great ideas and craft prose that flows.

Others are great at spontaneously coming up with HTTS-rightbrainideas, and creating fantastic stories and great characters – right brained activities – but never get around to organizing their ideas or editing their first drafts into a decent story. Some are not quite sure how they produced their first book, and would love to produce a second, if only they could figure out how they did it.

HTTS-workingbrainHow To Think Sideways, by Holly Lisle, is  a writing course that maps out the creative (right brained) and logical (left-brained) processes in the creating ideas, planning, writing, editing, querying, publishing and marketing your novel – and establishing  a writing platform. How To Think Sideways helps you to harness your writing potential, by teaching you, step by step, how to use both sides of your brain and helping you identify the steps you need to get your work written and published.

How To Think Sideways is only open for a few days then it will be closed for  a year! Holly Lisle is giving away bonus one-on-one & group sessions and workshops as prizes for those that participate now.

I did this course a couple of years ago, and as a result, have been involved in publishing successful anthologies and short fiction, writing  a junior novel, and writing a new novel that popped up as the result of one of the activities in this course. I’m editing that novel now, using Holly’s great revision techniques.

brainwieghtI’ve learned a lot from Holly. I love the concise and logical way she sets out her lessons and always surprises me with content that I don’t expect. She’s thorough. She’s  innovative. She has a great online writers forum, lots of additional bonus content and she’s always celebrating my successes.

How To Think Sideways (HTTS) is only open for the next few days, so hop on over and see what the course is about. Holy has  a few surprise tips on her video for those that don’t buy the course – and just reading the lesson outlines will give you a great ideas of what’s in the course. Go for it and have fun. And feel free to contact me via my contact page with any questions. bonus

Remember to check out the bonus prizes on Holly’s page. I hope you enjoy How To Think Sideways as much as I did.  If you want to sample Holly’s lessons before doing her course, see this post about her free 3-day mini-course, but be quick, HTTS closes soon.