KurtX rocks New Zealand’s Got Talent! – #Harmonica Hero #NZGT

KURTX rocks NZGT with his harmonica
KURTX #hamronicahero at NZGT

KurtX played his ‘wee instrument’ last night for New Zealand’s Got Talent, generating a storm of music with his harmonica. He started with a slow haunting lyrical line, but the judges’  faces soon changed as a rock number hit the sound system and KurtX ramped it up, showing us just what can be achieved with the tiniest of instruments, and earning himself the nickname #harmonicahero.


What’s my vested interest?  He’s my husband. I fell in love with a recording of his harmonica playing before I ever met him!

The following quote is from the New Zealand’s Got Talent’s ‘Tip Top Naturally Talented Moment’ page:

This week’s Naturally Talented Moment was 50 year old Swiss, Kurt X who has been playing the harmonica for decades but has only recently started playing publicly.  “I have been working on my harmonica for 20 years but I am very much a closet artist. I entered NZGT because I finally felt that I was ready to share my talent with the world”

The IT Specialist amazed us with his ability to lose himself in the music, getting dub

KurtX rocks the harmonica at New Zealand's Got Talent (NZGT) 2013
KurtX at NZGT 2013 qualifying for semi-finals

bed #HarmonicaHero for his resemblance to the game Guitar Hero. “I feel like I’m melting into one with my harmonica, it is totally a part of me. It’s so physical – my technique and style. It’s all about the music and the moment”.

Here is the link to the Tip Top Naturally Talented Moment advert for episode 3. Yes, KurtX again!

To support KurtX, please visit the you tube site, tweet, and leave comments below.    Tweet about KurtX with #harmonicahero & #NZGT  KurtX you tube link

I can also blog about how KurtX got so good at harmonica. Just request it via comments.

17 Replies to “KurtX rocks New Zealand’s Got Talent! – #Harmonica Hero #NZGT”

  1. Congrats, great to hear he has made it to the next round. Loved the footage glimpse of u at the end as well!

  2. Wow, that’s some talent! He really does immerse himself in the harmonica and make it come alive. Glad the judges/audience loved it too!

  3. He is so talented and so charming. He must be a wonderful addition to your life. I hope he wins the show!

    And, how did he get to be so accomplished?

    1. Aha, that would be telling! I’ll spill a few beans next week! Tune in and see! And thanks Tex, he is wonderful and I’m glad I kidnapped him from the Swiss Alps and bought him to NZ. Who knows, we may end up back in those Swiss Alps one day, spying edelweiss and playing harmonica!
      I’ll ping you a link when my next blog post with the answers is up. Or you can like my author Facebook page (see right sidebar)where I post links to my blogs.

  4. It was so fun to see him (and a tiny shot of you at the end)! But I still think his moniker should be “rockmonica” because he really rocks it.

    Best of luck to him!

    1. Thanks Mark. I suspect the you tube video will be available internationally after the show finishes later in the year. Let’s hope he does well.

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