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Dragons Realm Reviews are saying:

“…This full grown adult certainly enjoyed travelling through ‘world gates’ and meeting the varied people and dragons on the other side. I liked that the book also had a strong anti bullying theme, with bullies being ‘turned’ into friends by a variety of different ploys.”

“Good times. I read this to my 7 year old son tonight and he loved it. He was jumping around the room in excitement and took all the choices very seriously indeed…”

“My choices had me stepping through a shimmering world-gate to an adventure involving flying pigs, a work-out under a strongwood tree, and a hair-raising topple from a dragon’s back, but your story could be completely different… Whatever path through Dragons Realm you choose, you’re in for a rollicking fun-filled adventure. With dragons.”

You can purchase Dragons Realm on Amazon, but be quick, the special introductory price of 99c won’t stay this low for long.

Just a few hours after its release, Dragons Realm hit #3 on Amazon’s bestseller list for children’s interactive adventure stories.

Dragons Realm Eileen Mueller hits no 3 Amazon
Dragons Realm No 3 in Amazon Children’s Interactive Adventure books

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