More of My Stories to be Published In Disquiet Anthology

I have great news. 🙂Boy_Scared about Disquiet

Two of my short works – a poem and short story – have been accepted for the Disquiet anthology, a compilation of dark stories that will ‘make your toes curl.’ All of the works in this book are set in New Zealand and Australia and are by Antipodean authors.

The details are still under wraps, but rumour has it that this collection of disquieting stories will be roaming our streets in mid 2014. Keep your windows locked and a torch by your bed!


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  1. For those blog readers out there who are starting to think that all the authors in Disquiet are named ‘John,’ there are others too! John Malone and John Irvine are just two of the Aussie and Kiwi writers featured in this compilation of dark fantasy. Many other well-known authors have stories or poems in this anthology. More news closer to launch date!

  2. I have two stories in this anthology too. I am looking forward to its release so I can put it on my blog which is sort of hibernating at the moment. Should be a great read. Have a happy easter

      1. Hahahaha! Only two Johns! There has been a wee delay as one contributor had some eye surgery and was unable to return her stories with adjustments for a couple of months. Hopefully I will have the manuscript finished and off to the publisher very soon. Thanks for your patience, people…

    1. Thanks John, I look forward to being able to pop the cover and more details on my blog when they’re ready! And to reading some good Kiwi and Aussie stories when the book comes out! 🙂

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