Twisty Christmas Tales feature Joy Cowley, David Hill & Dave Freer

The dust has finally settled after Storylines Family Day, and Christmas is just around the corner. But I have a confession to make: I’ve been wearing my Santa hat for months, editing The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales!

Last year Peter, Alicia and I put out a small e-book of ten Christmas stories as a trial for a larger project. Now that larger project is nearly complete! The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales features 31 crazy Christmas capers from 27 authors, including iconic kiwi authors Joy Cowley and David Hill, best-selling sci-fi author Dave Freer, stacks of kiwis and an Aussie or two.

Geoff Popham Twisty Christmas Tales Santa sleigh over Auckland
Santa over Auckland by Geoff Popham, in The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales.

Check out the awesome list of authors in our new kids anthology here. It’s going to be a Twisty Christmas!

It’s been an amazing experience to edit this anthology, along with Alicia Ponder and Peter Friend. So many great stories, so many talented authors, so much fun, and so much hard work!  As well as all the other projects I’ve been working on! If anyone has a cloning kit, similar to one that gets used in Santa’s workshop in one of our Twisty stories, then I would gladly borrow it, just to get everything done. Or perhaps not, after all, I know what havoc resulted when Santa’s elves tried it!

To find out more about The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales, the authors, and the artist – check out this link

The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales is available in good NZ bookstores and on Amazon from late October.