Twisty Christmas Time

Twisty Christmas Elves

Wow, last week it really looked as if Santa had already come. The house was overflowing with Twisty Christmas cards. Busy little elves were beavering away, packaging the cards for devoted clients, turning the whole place into a replica of Santa’s workshop.

We all have Geoff Popham to blame! If his art wasn’t so fantastic we would never have made Christmas cards. YAY for Geoff. We hope Santa brings him something Twisty this Christmas!

Geoff Popham Cover ArtistAfter a few hours of packaging cards, Alicia and I decided we were really going Twisty! Big time! So we packaged books instead. With orders flowing in thick and fast, author copies to distribute, and keen booksellers wanting copies, it took a  a while. But of course, we had  a little fun playing too!

By midnight we were nearly done. Nearly. There’s still a little Christmas cheer to spread tomorrow. Oh, and by the way, Christmas has also come at The Children’s Bookshop! Two rather large elves were seen decorating their window recently. Here’s the result!

The reflections of the cars in the windows don’t do the display justice, so perhaps you’ll just have to come long to our launch this Thursday to have a look! Launch details are here.  See you there.