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Free young adult books. Urban fantasy, paranormal romance and dragon riders are waiting for you. Riders of Fire – my next project – is a trilogy of young adult books set in Dragons Realm. The opening chapters of the first book, Ezaara, won an award in 2013.

“What? 2013? It’s now 2016! Where is Ezaara, Eileen?”

I hear you! I’ve been working on kids’ fiction, but now I’m rewriting the Riders of Fire series. My critique group love book 1, Ezaara. Of course, being a great critique group, they also found things to change. That takes time and there’s only one of me. But, hey, it’s worth waiting to read a good book!!

Urban fantasy and paranormal romance are up next after Riders of Fire... so sign up for updates, and for free young adult books and new releases when they’re ready.

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