601 names for Dragon War! My readers are amazing!

By the First Egg, You Astound Me!

We got 601 Dragon War names!

The Council of the Twelve Dragon Masters applauds you! I recently published a request for names for some minor characters in my latest novel, Dragon War (Riders of Fire book 5, on Amazon here). By the flaming First Egg, I was gobsmacked when I received 601 suggestions!

Wow, my readers are awesome. Last time I asked for a few names for Dragon Strike, I received over 200 amazing contributions. I could write novels for the rest of my life using those names and not run out of great characters!

HOWEVER, as much as I loved many of the names I didn’t use in Dragon Strike, I decided not to peek at them again when I was writing Dragon War.


Dragon War, Riders of Fire - YA epic fantasy



Here’s why:

  • Because I love the enthusiasm my readers have.
  • I love your input and value your emails and messages.
  • I enjoy the fun we have in our Dragon Den Facebook group. Feel free to join us, here.
  • I want to give you a chance to influence my work.
  • And I love thanking you whenever I can. What better way than having your name in the bright lights of the acknowledgements of my latest book?

Here are the winning names!

Feel free to share this post and flaunt it on social media! Your name will be flying on pennants in the Dragons’ Realm caverns of fame! (Hmm, there’s an idea…)


  •  Caldeff: an elderly sick dragon rider – named by Mike the Mailman
  • Kion: a small boy at Dragons’ Hold – Rachel Dyne
  • Darynn and Rynnlak: a dragon troop leader and his brown dragon – Gayreth Walden
  • Eryk and Beryk: a young dragon rider and his brown dragon – Angie Watson
  • Amara: a blue dragon – Kate
  • Trya: a young girl who’ll grow up to be a dragon rider (in another series) – Cheryl Bailey
  • Captain Bloodeye: a fierce pirate – Charles Brown
  • The Scarlett Hand: the bloodthirsty leader of the Bloody Cutlasses – Alisha Klapheke
  • Serana: a modern dragon rider- Annabelle

As much as I’m dying to tell you more about the identities of many of these characters… NO SPOILERS! Some of them might be related to your favorite characters! You’ll have to read the next nail-biting installment to find out!

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. It is only paralleled by Erob’s humor!

Who’s Erob? Why a dragon, of course! To find out which one, try Riders of Fire!


6 Replies to “601 names for Dragon War! My readers are amazing!”

  1. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw the name I suggested for the book Caldeff will be a strong character even though old he has a lot of knowledge to share before his sickness takes it ultimate toll. Thank youEileen you have made my year start with a great bang and this provides it can only get better. Your Adventures are exciting and entertaining. Mike the mailman

    1. Hi Mike,
      *sigh* Poor Caldeff has an unfortunate end. No spoilers. Sorry! But perhaps we can work him into one of the prequels coming up later this year. Nudge me about June and remind me! It’d be nice to work with him again! War is a terrible thing and Dragon War is no exception – although I do love happy endings! Fingers crossed that everything will work out for our heroes. No promises though… There’s nothing like a little suspense to keep you turning pages! Thank you for your creativity and contribution. I love his name.

  2. What great fun! Not many authors ask their readers to participate in this manner. You outdid yourself dear Eileen in choosing some fabulous names for the next book! (Yes, I’m a bit biased) Ha!… This is all so very exciting. Thank you!!!

    1. Gayreth,

      Congrats on picking a cool name. Thank you for being such a fantastic supportive fan! I’m wondering how we can clone you… but don’t worry I will NOT let Commander Zens get his hands on your DNA!
      Just keep being you!

    1. Linda, they chose some great names, didn’t they? It’s a shame I don’t have mass crowds of 601 characters that all need names!
      The beauty of names is that they can convey so much. You don’t need to be an expert at ‘naming’ to find a name I can use. One of my readers gave me the name of her adopted daughter, and it made it’s way into Dragon Strike. Today, she sent me a photo of her excited daughter with the paperback. I love making people happy.
      Even a Bob or a Joe could have a place in a novel! So I challenge you to have a shot next time I’m seeking names for a book!
      Actually, Bob the dragon could be quite a character! Now you’ve got me thinking…
      Psst, no one sees them except me… and my readers if you’re a winner!

      Go for it!

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